Hello and welcome to my writing space!

I am a person who has always loved anything revolving around beauty, fashion, hair… everything!  But, in the past, I have fought against myself and convinced myself that I couldn’t possibly do anything with my passion.  I GIVE UP!

I have always been interested in these new and super popular beauty techniques or fashion styles or hair styles.  But honestly, some are ridiculous and I will never try them!

For example in beauty, dying your armpit hairs.  Yes, it’s a real thing!  I know, ehhhh!  Or dying my hair ridiculous colors.  I’m not talking about the beautiful unicorn colors.  I’m talking about making my hair look like a tomato with a green stem or a pineapple.  I’ve seen the pictures and there are some daring people in the world.  More power to them because I can’t do it!  In fashion, I will not wear jeans that have more holes than material!  If it has so many holes, I might as well wear shorts.  I’m into ripped jeans but not jeans that look like swiss cheese.  For makeup, I will not… well… I will try just about anything in makeup.  🙂

But some things, I have always wanted to try and haven’t yet been able to. So, this page is going to be my venting spot, my creation area, my teaching tool, my experiment displayer, and my fun page!

I will also give you every weekend a little glimpse into the life of ME!  Sometimes it’ll be really interesting and other times it won’t.  But I enjoy writing and I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you!

I hope you join me on the adventure and start exploring my links above.

If you would like to know how my journey started and why, read my very first blog!