A Big Thank You!

A post thanking everyone who has helped me make my dream come true.

Summer 2020 Trends

Hello everyone! If you are not already able to leave your house and enjoy normal life, you soon will be able to. For me, I will be loving my comfy house clothes until the middle of May. This is a time period that will be written in the history books, I believe. I've heard many … Continue reading Summer 2020 Trends

Fashion Friday: The cheapest and best closet for your wardrobe.

Tips to make your dream closet CHEAP!

Fashion Friday: Is wrinkle free truly wrinkle free?

Wrinkle free, wrinkle resistant... What is the difference and is there really truly a wrinkle free clothing?

Fashion Friday: The Key To A Killer Outfit!

The key to a great looking outfit is in this post!