Summer 2020 Trends

Hello everyone!

If you are not already able to leave your house and enjoy normal life, you soon will be able to. For me, I will be loving my comfy house clothes until the middle of May. This is a time period that will be written in the history books, I believe.

I’ve heard many things as far as how the world will never be the same after quarantine. But really, when does the world ever stay the same? The world is constantly changing but most don’t even realize it because they are too busy or just don’t think of it.

So, how does that relate to fashion?

Some questions that you might have are: Did fashion trends change during quarantine? Does the fashion industry pause while the world is a freeze frame? What should we be expecting to see when we open our doors to freedom?

Yes! No! Read further to find out!

I was looking at some photos from NY Fashion Week and there are several new trends that will be seen but I have a couple that are my favorites. These, I will be showing you.


Some of the other fashion trends that I didn’t care for were anything with metallic leather, a large trench coat called “The New Trench”, and low waisted baggy pants called “Low-Slung Tailoring.”

You can look these trends up if you’d like:

So, let’s go through my 6 favorite fashion trends from NY Fashion Week!

1. Wrapped Ankles

This is a weakness of mine. Forget chocolate! SHOES with wrapped ankles. I would love if they figured out how to work this into a sneaker! But I’ll settle for these beauties.

2. Drawstrings

What do drawstrings remind you of? When I think of them, I think of comfy clothes. But you also have a wide variety of clothes with drawstrings that I just don’t think of!

3. Puffed Sleeves

Remember back in the day (if you are born more than 30 years ago) the puffy sleeves were sort of popular with dresses? So, “sort-of” popular that my mom made me those puffy sleeves dresses and then forced me to wear them to school! Well, now they are back in a powerful and very different way! They are not just on dresses.

4. Bra Accentuation

I actually have seen this a tiny bit already but I’m really liking it. Remember when wearing anything a little see through was taboo? Well, now it is a thing. With a cute bralette and some high-waisted jeans, heels or sneakers and a blazer, this could be really classy. (PS. The second photo is my favorite!)

5. Sheer Layers

I really like this as well. Maybe it’s because when I was younger I always was so modest and shy (almost ashamed) of my own body. When I was younger, I never felt confident enough to wear anything on trend because I was a heavy teenager. Now, I am loving my body and want to show off, in a decent way, what I was born with.

6. Torso Ruching

This style has always been a favorite of mine from very young. When I was heavier, I always wore something with ruching in the torso because it gave me extra room and camouflaged the fact that my stomach wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

As always, what was seen on the runway is really drastic and is show worthy. But these were the common trends across all of them and I picked out pictures to best meet the trends. Anyways, I’m looking forward to wearing these trends!!!

Which of these trends are your favorites? My ultimate favorite has to be the shoes. I’m a sucker for them.


Which ones do you have already in your closet? Right now, I have (probably every woman) the drawstring trend down. But only with sweatpants. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Christine Xoxo

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Review: Schwarskopf BC Bonacure Moisture Kick

Hello everyone!

Wow! How many days is it now since we’ve been home? I lost count and maybe that’s a good thing.

I’ve been filling up my days with being lazy, reading, scrolling and planning my social media’s, baking, cooking, wasting HOURS on TikTok (never had one until the quarantine), experimenting with new color in my makeup palletes. Now, I’m trying something different and filling up my time with taking as many free internet courses related to hair and makeup as possible. Good, huh?! What have you been doing to make the time go by?


So, getting into this review… ___________________________________________________

**I was not paid to do this review and I purchased this product.**

My Hair Type: Straight, fine and thin. Thinner in the front of the head and normal thickness in the back.

My Hair Condition: Semi-dry and tends to frizz.

My Hair Length: Shoulder length.

Quick facts about the Brand:

  • It was started by Hans Schwarzkopf 120 years ago in Berlin, Germany and the first product was a shampoo powder.
  • The literal translation of his last name is “black head” which resulted in the creation of his now worldwide known logo.
From Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Now, they have over 7,000 patents.
  • Not only was he the first to create dry shampoo but also liquid shampoo.
  • He created the cold perm which allows for women to have long lasting curls without heat.
  • In 1950, Schwarzkopf was the first creator of hairspray.
  • And many more innovations and interesting facts!


Evolution of the Schwarzkopf logo.

Animal Testing: Unfortunately, I was unable to find a good credible source. I would much rather say nothing at all than to take a chance at being incorrect.

Vegan Friendly: The same goes for this as well. However, I know that they have a new line called Essensity. I don’t know much about it. Some websites say that it’s vegan friendly and other websites say it’s not. The only thing that I know is that it’s ammonia free.

Shampoo Review

First Impression: I was first introduced to this product while I was in the salon. As a hairstylist, your hands can get very dry and cracked from washing heads. With this shampoo, I noticed I had less of a problem with my hands and that made me curious! What also attracted me is the color. It is a beautiful blue and blue is my favorite color! But the blue also represents water and what does water provide? Moisture! Good play!

Packaging: From the packaging alone and what it represents, I was sold… or actually, it was sold! It is a nice sleek light blue container. The plastic is durable and will not crack if it falls in the shower. (Speaking from personal experience.) The pump is sturdy and I haven’t had any issues with it. You get a little amount each time you pump. So, it’s hard to use too much.

Product: The product is thick like any other shampoo but clear (like water!). The smell is like a clean flower. I don’t know how else to explain it! But it’s a lovely smell.

Price: +/- 14€ per 500mL

From Schwarzkopf Professional

Pros: A little bit goes a long way! You don’t need alot of the product to get your hair clean and moisturized.

Cons: The first week after using the product, your hair may seem heavy or flat… mine did. This is the adjustment period. Keep using it! Your hair adjusts!

Targetted Buyers: For dry, wavy, or curly hair. Anyone with dry, dull, and brittle hair. This can also help for people with static hair.

Ease of Use: With the pump, it is easy to use and the directions on the backside of the product is very easy and simple to understand.

Potential Problems: None.

Active Ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid Derivate. Mainly used in skincare to assist in moisturizing but just as important in haircare. It rebalances the moisture content.

Alternatives: Wella Invigo Nutri Enrich Shampoo. This product is +/- 10€ for 250mL. This product is a little heavier and thicker but has the same results as Moisture Kick. Also, this product is more expensive per mL than Moisture Kick.

Claims: It improves elasticity and gives a long lasting shine. Makes your hair more supple and full of bounce. Which are all signs that your hair is moisturized.

Fullfilled Claims: My hair within 1 week had it’s shine back! Within 3 weeks, my hair was more supple and smooth resulting in less frizz. My hair does not easily break anymore and now has movement!

Failed Claims: I’m really kind of racking my brain on this one… I can’t find any failed claims!

“Invest in your hair. It is the crown you will never take off.”


My Take-Home Thoughts: When I first thought about buying this product, it was a two part thought. One – I wanted to try something of a better quality, not a drugstore brand, to try and share my thoughts. Two – I constantly change my hair, highlight it, and put it through alot of harsh processes resulting in it being dry, dull, and change in structure. It was more frizzy than ever! I was hoping for my hair to be the shiny, smooth hair that it used to be. Two – . I used it for over 30 days and I was so pleasantly surprised! I now have my shine back! I still have a little frizz but a nice serum helps that.

*Did you know that they have Schwarzkopf in drugstores and other markets but the GOOD STUFF that is the newer lines with the better and more valuable ingredients are located only in the salons? How would you know that? The difference lays under the logo!

Picture from Henkel. This can be found in any drugstore or other stores.
Picture from Schwarzkopf. This can ONLY be found in salons. These are newer with better ingredients.


Have any of you used this shampoo or any other part of the line? What were your thoughts?

Is there a haircare product that you are curious about and want to know more about?

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know your thoughts below.


Christine XOXO

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Beauty Upkeep During COVID-19

Hello folks!

Oh my word! What has been going on in the world? Everything has been turned upside down and chaotic.

I am now on Day 11 (had to look it up) of quarantine (it feels much longer) and it’s officially said that it’ll be another 19 days with the likelihood of it being extended. Yippy..

So, what am I doing with my time? I’ve already spring cleaned my house including organizing every little area. I’ve binge watched any kind of season of reality show possible on TV. I’ve scrolled so much on Instagram and Pintrest that my thumbs are numb. I’ve eaten so much food that my pants are crying out for help. I’ve read alot. I’ve done a lot of thinking in regards to where I’m headed in my life and how I’m going to get there. And I’ve done a lot of ME time.

I’m going to jump into it and make it short because if you are like me, I don’t like big, long drawn out explanations. I’m a more of a “give it to me without the sugar” kind of girl.

So, here we go…

**I was not paid to mention these products. I am a believer in these products as I have used them personally or I have used them in the salon. However, if you purchase these from the Amazon link provided below, I may receive a slight amount as a supporter.**

What are the current beauty dilemmas?

  • Grey hair outgrowth.
  • Regular hair outgrowth.
  • Yellow or brassy hair.
  • Too long hair.
  • Bangs are too long.
  • Nails are cracked, too long, or falling off (if artificial).
  • Bushy eyebrows.
  • Long armpit and/or leg hair.

When I scroll through Instagram, Pintrest, or Facebook, I have been noticing a lot of about what you shouldn’t do instead of what you should or can do.

So, here is what you should and can do…

For gray or regular outgrowth use a temporary spray color. Instead of buying a hair dye (that you are not sure if it’s correct), the activator, the brush, and risk a load of possible bad outcomes, just buy a temporary spray color. Yes, you need to spray it on after every washing. Having no time to do it is not an excuse now!

For yellow hair use a purple shampoo. Wash your hair two times: the first time to clean and the second time to tone. On the second time, don’t scrub your hair because it suds up and your dark colored shampoo turns a lighter color making it less powerful to neutralize the yellow or brass. Just put a bunch in your hands and set it on your yellow areas and let it sit there for about 5 minutes before you rinse out.

For brassy hair (more for brunettes) use a blue shampoo. Use it in the same way as your would the purple shampoo as described above.

For hair that is too long use a hair tie, bands or clips. Get creative and do braids or tie it differently. For short hair that is too long, use wax/gel and also get creative with bobby pins and clips. Use a curling iron if you are really bored and make a curly pixie!

For bangs that are too long, make side bangs or pin them up or back.

For nails that are too long or cracked, all I can say is FILE, FILE, FILE. As a hairdresser my nails were horrible! I broke down and got gel nails because my fingers are always in people’s faces and were very noticeable. My nails were also having a hard time and I filed and filed. Now, they are off. RIP…

For bushy brows, all you need to do it pluck those beasts! Use you current form to use as a guideline and pluck everything that isn’t in that form. (However, I have seen a current trend of not plucking…)


Long body hair such as armpits, legs, and bikini line? Just shave them!

Still unsure of what you should do?

Contact your hairstylist and/or beautician. They should be more than happy to help you! If they are not helping you or are not responding, find a new one.

We are here to help you and get you through this. Also, if you have already dyed, cut your hair, or whatever, don’t worry! We won’t be upset. When we are able to, we will work hard to correct your hair color and/or hair cut.

*To hairstylists/beauticians: Sorry, but it’s the truth. Our job is to help our clients and not cause them more distress. No question is dismissible or silly. Right now, our jobs are to give temporary solutions, tips, and ideas until we can get back into the salon for a more permanent solution.

There it is! It was a little bit longer than expected.

With all that said, please, please remember that if you are on quarantine, to stay home. If you go to your friend’s house to let her do your hair or even for a simple coffee, you are not helping the situation. It doesn’t matter if you are not sick and your friend is not sick. Just don’t do it. Period.

How is everyone handling it, anyways? What types of things have you been doing to occupy your time?


Christine XOXO!

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REVIEW: NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Hey folks!

How was your week? Mine was normal. Haha! It wasn’t horribly busy in the salon but it was slow either. It was just right for a work week. I really enjoy being able to take my time with each client.

Last week, we went on a quick vacation to the states to see my family for a week! I super enjoyed it but, unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to see my friends. I hope they all understand. We swam a lot in the hotel (free fun!), went go-kart racing, and ate too much. I gained 2 kilos (4lbs)!!! Hunkie didn’t gain a darn thing this time – just ME! And as always, leaving was horrible. It’s always filled with tears and doubts.

This past weekend, hunkie and I went to an 80’s themed Sweet 16 party. It was so fun and if you are following me on Instagram, you have probably seen a picture in my story of our get-ups!


Has anyone used the NYX Micro Brow Pencil? I purchased it in the airport while I was waiting for my plane. I had a 4 hour wait. What else was I going to do? Haha!

Let’s go in deeper about this eyebrow pencil!

**I was not paid to do this review. This product was purchased by me. However, if you purchase this product from the Amazon link provided below, I may receive a slight amount as a supporter.**

My Skin Type: Combination dry to normal.

My Skin Tone: Neutral. Don’t know yours? Click here to figure it out.

My Eyebrow Color: Dark blonde.

Facts about the NYX Brand

The company was started in 1999 in Los Angeles by one woman named Toni Ko. She named her brand NYX after the Greek goddess of the night. They have many options that are vegan friendly. The brand is sold worldwide in about 70 different countries.

Animal Testing: No.

Eyebrow Pencil Review

First Impression: The NYX store appealed to me with their beautiful bright pink accents against the black furniture. I really like the color combinations that they have. It’s like a candy shop for any makeup lover.

Packaging: The box is a very simple black slim box with tiny writing on it. No trah-la-la in regards to the box. I mean, how can they put anything fancy on it being so small?! Once the box was opened, the pencil is a black sleek plastic dispenser. Lightweight. Feels like all of the other eyebrow (or eyeliner) pencil dispensers… a little flimsy.

Product: I got the product in soft neutral taupe because my natural hair color is an ashy dark blonde and I often dye my hair to a warm dark blonde. When you lift off the top, you see a really, REALLY fine pencil. When you make strokes with it, it is really finely made

Price: +/- $10.00

There are 8 different shades to match your eyebrow color.

Pros: The product is really thin which when drawn finely onto the skin resembles little hair. It comes with a built-in spoolie to soften out the harsh lines.

Cons: The pencil is so small and fine that it could be possible to have difficulty holding it.

Targetted Buyers: For anyone who would like definition to their eyebrows.

Ease of Use: When I was using the pencil every time, it was very difficult to get a nice fluid line. I’m not sure if it was because maybe my pencil was already old when I bought it. I also had to push a little harder than normal to get a line made which makes me believe even more that my pencil was on the older side and dried up. The spoolie helped quite a bit in smoothing out the lines.

Potential Problems: If you buy a newly made pencil, I can’t see any problems with it beside the possibility of having difficulty holding it.

Alternatives: Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil. This is about $5. This product is easy to use, well pigmented, and made with soybean oil.

Claims: Coats the finest hairs, is precise and creates a natural looking brow.

Fullfilled Claims: I created a natural looking brow with some work. I had to use the spoolie quite a bit to soften out the harsh lines from me pressing a little too hard. The color was really good and matched well.

Failed Claims: It did not coat the finest hairs and I believe the reason is because it was a dry pencil. It was precise in regards to where I wanted to color in it would; however, because it was a dry pencil one part of a line would be lightly colored and the other dark.

My Take-Home Thoughts: This is a toughy! I don’t know. I want to give it an honest opinion but I feel if I say what I feel right now, it won’t be fair to NYX. Why? Because the pencil, I believe, was an old one and that’s why it was so difficult to draw a nice fluid line and why I needed to push so hard to create a line.

So, sorry folks! I’m not able to give you a good review. I had thought about buying a new one but what if that one doesn’t work either? That’s $20 wasted. I’m not into that.

So, tell me! Have you ever tried it? Does it do what it says it’s supposed to do? Should I try another one?

Have any of you other bloggers had to write disappointing reviews or ones that just didn’t workout? Tell me something positive about them because I’m sort of bummed my followers!

Hope you enjoyed it even though it was disappointing for myself!


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Natural Beauty VS. Makeup Beauty

Thank you for coming to my blog!

I’ve been kind of hanging back and taking it easy, not posting anything, and just enjoying the summer. I really hope that you have been enjoying the summer as much as you can because September is HERE. You know what that means! Falling leaves and cold blustery air is right around the corner. I do like fall as well but I still want to hold onto the summer moment.

What types of things have you been doing during this summer??

On another note – lately, I have been having a love/dislike relationship with makeup. Notice I didn’t say hate. I will never hate makeup but right now, I am just embracing my natural face meaning not even mascara. Later, I will tell you how wearing no makeup for 90% of the summer has affected my skin.

Let’s get to it!

If you follow me on one of my social medias, you would’ve noticed that I posted five questions about makeup awhile ago.


They were just random questions that I thought of.

My hubby says to me all the time that he loves my natural beauty more and especially my morning makeup free puft eyes. I always am amazed and wonder how in the world is this beautiful. I think most men are like this and prefer little to no makeup. So, why do most women prefer to wear makeup?

*Screenshot photos were taken off of Twitter but I ran a survey on Facebook and Instagram as well. The results were pretty much the same across all medias platforms. I decided to share the results from Twitter because they had the most interaction.

Question #1

Here it is clear that a woman prefers to wear a full face of makeup including concealers, foundation, bronzer, possibly powder foundation to set, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow product, mascara, blush, and highlighter. Did I miss anything?!

It is also clear that nobody or next to nobody wears a blank canvas most of the time.

Question #2

I feel like a couple of my answer choices were basically the same. But regardless, I think we get the point here. Most woman put on makeup just because they feel like it.

Here, you can also see the voters feel the same about putting on makeup for a special event and because it makes them feel better.

But I was surprised that so many woman put it on because it makes them feel better! I can understand it and I have done it in the past as well but I didn’t think that the percentage would be so much.

Question #3

This is pretty clear cut. Most women wear makeup everyday.

Question #4

This also shows that women take more than 20 minutes to put on their makeup daily. That’s 9 hours and 20 minutes per month!!!! That is more than one nights sleep. Strange when you think about it that way, huh?

Question #5

Here you can see that it’s an even split! But I really need to say something here.

When I was in my 20s I learned alot about skin health because I was an on-the-side Makeup Artist. I spent many hours not only learning about makeup application but also how makeup or the kind of makeup can effect your skin.

You know that feeling when you cover your face with really heavy blankets and you feel after awhile that you can’t breath and it’s getting warm? Then, you rip off the blankets and take a deep breath. Well, when you wear full coverage makeup, no matter what the brand or quality, it’s like putting a heavy blanket over your face. It can’t breath. It gets internally warm.

If you have problems with acne, rosacea, or uneven skintone, wearing full coverage will make it worse. It makes it more prominant and noticeable which in turn makes you feel like you need more concealer or foundation to cover it up. It is a vicious circle that causes unhealthy skin. Then you think you need medical help when probably wearing sheer coverage or going without more often will make it better. Don’t get me wrong! There are medical needs that can’t be taken care of just by not wearing makeup.


So, let’s compare the benefits and pitfalls!

Natural Beauty: This is where you wear nothing or almost nothing, such as only mascara and lipgloss.

Benefits: Your skin can breath. You will have less skin irritations. Your pores will naturally remain smaller. You will save more time. You will have fewer issues with dry skin. You will have fewer wrinkles because makeup settles into fine lines causing those lines to get larger. In time, you will have a renewed self confidence.

Pitfalls: The only pitfall that I could find to this is that it takes awhile to grow your self confidence without makeup.

Makeup Beauty: This is where you wear full coverage to sheer coverage.

Benefits: It immediately boosts your confidence. It creates an opportunity for conversation and comparison of products between woman. It’s a fun creation giving you “me time.”

Pitfalls: Large clogged pores that could cause acne. Premature aging. Dry and/or oily skin. Bacteria collects and hides within your creases sticking to the makeup possibly causing irritation.

How has wearing no makeup for 90% of the summer effected me?

  • I have little to no acne.
  • I now have normal skin instead of oily here and dry there.
  • My skin is more even toned.
  • Psychologically, I feel more confident and worry less about my appearance.


As you can see and probably figured, there are more pitfalls to wearing makeup and more benefits to not wearing makeup.

If you see me on the street, most likely you will see me without makeup. I am without makeup throughout the week more than with. Do I like it? Doesn’t matter much to me. Do I feel better with makeup? Not really but I feel like I can conquer anything. I get a sense of power in a way.

If you are like me, you are still going to wear makeup despite the pitfalls. But if I could give you one suggestion it would be to wear less makeup more often. Even if you are wearing just mascara and lipgloss! That’s better than a full or sheer face. PLUS, there are, more importantly, the psychological aspects of learning to not wear makeup and being happy in your own skin.

I hope you were able to take something away from this and have an idea of what you can do better for you skin health.

I would love to hear your ideas and plans on how you can improve your skin health!


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