Have you heard about it? Have you seen in it advertized on any social medias? The hair darkening shampoo bar. Works even on white hair.

I’ve had a few clients come to me and ask me about this. I was immediately curious and thinking “what if this bar really works? How does it work? Is it permanent or does it wash out? If it’s permanent, then I’m out of a job!” Okay, I know I won’t be out of a job but that’s how my thoughts race.

I immediately started doing some research. I didn’t want to buy it to try it out because I hate wasting my money. I went to their websites to compare the the claims, ingredients, and reviews. Then I went to official review websites. It was a very different story.

Product Breakdown


  • Cleanses, conditions, and colors hair in one step.
  • Colors gray and white hair.
  • Restores your hair and keeps it healthy.
  • Prevents hairloss.


  • Fallopia multiflora
  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Keratine


  • There is nothing in it that will harm your hair or scalp.
  • It’ll possibly give you a refreshed feeling because of the mint.


  • There is not one ingredient in it that will color your hair.
  • The ingredient fallopian multiflora is a chinese plant that is often used in medical practices. I don’t think anyone would but if ingested, can be harmful.
  • There is not one ingredient that cleans or conditions your hair.
  • The keratine is not enough to make your hair straight like a keratine treatment.
  • Ginger is an anti-inflamatory; however, there is not enough in the bar to give you relief from an irritated scalp.


Their websites:

On their website, they had a 5 out of 5 Star rating. If it’s your own website, it’s very easy to control what is on it and that is why I don’t trust the reviews from product websites. Here are a couple of reviews:

So let’s see what people are saying on social media.


On Facebook, they had a 1.6 out of 5 Star rating. That says something already. Here are a couple of reviews:

My Evaluation:

IT’S CRAP! Don’t waste your money nor time on this.

PS. A client of mine bought the bar in hopes that she wouldn’t need to color her hair as often. She came to me 2 days later to color her hair and her lengthes were dry because there is nothing in the bar to condition the hair. CRAP.

Have you heard of this shampoo bar? Did you happen to buy it? Tell me your experience.


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