You put your fingers through your hair after taking a shower and have alot of loose hair on your fingers. You brush your hair and you swear there is enough hair in your brush to make another dog. Is this you? Have you has those OMG moments?

We’ve ALL been there! Don’t worry. Don’t panic. It’s completely normal.

Hair shedding is completely normal.

Hair Shedding

Shedding hair is completely normal. You lose between 50-150 hairs per day. Anything more than that is excessive shedding. What causes excessive shedding?

  • Losing alot of weight quickly.
  • Having a baby. Tips for new moms with hair loss.
  • Alot of stress.
  • High fever and/or an illness.
  • Stop taking birth control.

However, everyone experiences seasonal hair shedding.

What is seasonal hair shedding?

Seasonal hair shedding is when you notice an extreme amount of hair in your brush or in your shower. This typically occurs during the fall and winter months. It is also possible in the spring months but then it is less than in the winter months.

But why does this happen?

  • During the summer, the theory is that your head holds onto more hair in order to protect your scalp from the sun.
  • During the fall and winter months, the growth period of hair is over causing an extreme amount of hair to fall out.

What can you do about it?

There is not much that you can do to prevent the shedding and extreme shedding process. But some tips to keep your hair healthy during these cycles are:

  • Drink enough water.
  • Use a conditioning mask weekly.
  • Use a heat protectant when heat styling.
  • Limit heat styling to 1x per week.
  • Is your hair tied up? No rubber bands! Scrunchies are the safest.
  • Want extra help? Take hair vitamins recommended by your hairstylist.

Or Is It Hair Loss?

Hair loss happens when there is something that stops the hair from growing. Some things that cause this are:

Extreme hair loss.
  • Hereditary hair loss.
  • Overreactive immune system.
  • Medications or treatments. List medications that possibly cause hair loss.
  • Harsh haircare products. Use only professional products that are recommended by your hairdresser.
  • Compulsive hair pulling. Try your best to stop. If it is not possible on your own, then ask for help.
  • Tight hairstyles too often. Try to avoid these types of hairstyles as much as possible.
  • Lack of proper nutrition. A balanced diet will also improve how you feel.
  • Hormonal changes. After the age of 50 or menopause, many women experience hair loss.

What can you do about it?

If you have hair loss, your hair won’t grow back until the cause stops. Talk to your doctor about the cause. Once you know the cause, then you can discuss your options and treatments.


Hair shedding during the whole year and extreme seasonal hair shedding is completely normal. However, if shed hair and it doesn’t come back within 1-2 months, then it is time to discuss it with your doctor. This should be done before it gets too serious because once a hair follicle is dead it will no longer produce hair.


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