Have you noticed that your face has other needs in the summer versus the winter? For example, your face in the winter is more dry and possibly more sensitive than in the summer. During the summer, you put SPF on your face in order to prevent burning. The same happens to your hair in the winter and in the summer!

What Happens To Your Hair In The Summer

During the summer, the ultraviolet rays affect your hair. You could say that your hair is “cooked” or “fried” in the sun. With colored hair, you will see your color fade, bleach out, and become brassy. In natural hair, you will also see your hair starting to bleach out.

Sun damage will, in colored hair and natural hair, cause hair to dry out and the cuticle to look rough. There is a lack of shine and possibly more frizzy.

What Happens To Your Hair In The Winter

During the winter, the air is dry outside and as well as inside with the artificial heat. This causes your skin to be itchy and possibly flaky. In order to help this, you put lotion, oils, and creams on your body and face. But we often forget about our hair. Our hair during the winter is also affected.

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You will notice your hair becoming dry and the ends will feel like straw. You may notice your scalp becoming itchy and dry or flaky. You will notice your hair being more staticky and lacking luster.

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“What do I need to do to have healthy hair year round?”

  • Have the basic haircare products that are recommended by your hairdresser. The basics include shampoo, conditioner, & a mask.
  • Use a professional heat protectant whether you use a heated tools or not. In the summer, the sun on your head is the same as using a heated tool.
  • In the summer, use a mask once a week for 5-10 minutes each time. In the winter, if you are noticing your hair is more dry or staticky, use a mask 1-2 times per week for 5-10 minutes.
  • If you go to the beach or lay out in the sun alot, it would be worth the investment in good sun protection products. Some salons offer this. (It is available at Glamour!)
  • Try to minimize the use of a straightener or a curling iron.
  • Every now and then, schedule a professional deep conditioning/masking treatment. Click here to contact me!

Do you have what you need to have healthy hair year round?

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