The hair trends the last couple of years have changed from high to low maintenance. Women who would color their hair because of gray hair are now embracing them. Platinum blondes are now having a more lived in look with darker toned roots.

The fashion trends have also changed throughout the past couple of years. They went from well fitted skinny jeans to lounge wear to loose fitted almost baggy. I’m guilty of this!

Let’s go into more detail!

The Shag (Wolf Cut/Modern Mullet)

This cut started coming into the trend spotlight the end of last year (2020). The reason is because woman were searching for something that was easy to maintain and style. You can go months without needing a haircut which was ideal for the lockdown periods.

FYI: I still suggest a trim regularly to keep your tips healthy and full.

A shag cut is with lots of layers that frame the face and a thin fringe coming just under the eyelashes.

Modern Bob

A classic bob is typically styled very straight and sleek. You can find this look even back in the 1920s with finger waves. But a Modern Bob is more playful and left natural with lots of movement.

Modern Bob is cut with everything at one length between the shoulders and chin but with a center-parted fringe.


Bix-what? This is a crossing between a Bob and a Pixie! A bob being cut short and everything at one length. A pixie cut short and playful on top. Not sure when this cut started to become popular but I can definitely see why! It’s super cute!

A Bixie Cut is cut short on top and a little longer in the back. It is really easy to style and all you need is a little wax or dry texture powder.

Heavy Layers

This is a cut that is coming back from the 80s but with a more modern twist: more sleek and not as much hairspray! This is another easy to style haircut and you could go months (not recommended) without a trim.

Did you see a pattern? Easy and low maintenance is the hair trend. The only one that might be a little more maintenance is the Modern Bob. Only because you have to get it cut every couple of months to keep the length above your shoulders.


Are gold accessories are not your thing? Then what about gold statement clothing? A gold blazer or blouse can add a lovely touch to a pair of dark jeans with combat boots. What about a gold dress? If that is too flashy, you can also go with a gold belt or boots with gold accents.

Gossip Girl 2.0

Any kind of pleated skirt is on an uprise. It can be short or long, striped or checkered. Pair that with any kind of boots and you’re ready!

Comfy and Sexy

I am so happy to say that the heels are leaving! Okay, maybe not completely but since the lockdowns people are more into comfort. (Which is technically better for your feet.) A nice high or low boot with thick soles are what people are wearing this winter season!


The old rule of nothing white after September is gone! Who followed that rule anyway? I know I didn’t. This winter season is it anything white or cream. Anything from hats to shoes. Add a nice touch to your outfit with a white blouse or pants. Also try white shoes or boots! I know that wearing white/cream colored shoes is dangerous but if you buy a good shoe cleaner, it won’t be a problem keeping them nice and fresh.


Who doesn’t love a nice warm sweater? The sweaters from this year are a little different than from 2020. This year any sweater that is bright in color, cheerful in prints or a different style are trending.


Go into your grandfather’s closet and grab out his sweater vests! They are very hot right now with out without a shirt underneath.

What do you think of the new trends with hair and fashion? Which ones are your favorites?

My favorite hair trend is the Bixie! I think it is super cute and so fun to cut! As far as the fashion trends, I have a couple of them! I love anything with wool. So, that also includes sweater vests. I also love anything, literally anything, gold.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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