Anyone who regularly lightens their hair or colors their hair with fantasy colors of pinks, purples, or blues probably knows what toning means. This would be the magicwand that keeps the banana yellow and orange colors at by and leaves you with a beautiful, shiny color.

Side Note: “What if I think my highlights are good but I need extra shine?” Well, there is a such a thing as adding JUST shine in a Schwarzkopf salon (Igora Vibrance 0-00)!

What is a hair toner?

Toner, gloss, glaze, icing, and whatever name a brand set for their semi-permanent colors. It is a product that is used on hair after a lightening service to get rid of unwanted warm tones, such as yellow, orange, red. Toners do not lighten your hair nor does it permanently change the color of hair. It just adds tone to your hair that will fade over time to your original color. Toners can help you achieve that platinum blonde color or any fantasy colors. Just about everyone lightens their hair and it’s surprising that so few people know about toning hair.

Credit to Hair by Girard.

How do you make the toner last the longest?

  • Formulation. This is a job for your colorist. He/she was trained on how to formulate the toner to meet the needs of your hair. It’s not suggested to formulate the toner at home. The reason for this is because it’s possible to make an undesired color. For example, you have banana yellow hair and you tone it with an ash (or blue). You will have green hair. Trust me, leave this to the professionals. They went to school for a reason.
  • At-Home Treatment. Toners fade over time and this is the reason why at-home treatment is necessary if you want your toner to last long. Your stylist will advise you of the appropriate at-home products. This will probably include a shampoo, conditioner, and masker that is either cool based or warm based. He/she will also advise you of how many times you should be using each product per week. Washing your hair with the coolest temperature as you can tolerate as well as staying away from hot tools as much as you can will also help make the toner last longer.
  • In-Salon Maintenance. Toners fade over time because they are semi-permanent and it is important to go in regularly for refresh. You can see this in the photo below.
This result is with at-home treatments. Credit to Jack Howard Colorist.

As you can see, with the appropriate at home treatment, you can keep your lightened hair nice for a longer period of time. This is also true for the fantasy colors.

Have you tried a toner before? Have you heard of it before? This is a treatment that I always encourage in the salon. However, not everyone wants to have it and I need to respect that.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Christine XX

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