Hello everyone!

My first week after opening went really well! Better than I expected. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed your support by scheduling an appointment and/or bringing a gift. I appreciated it so much!


Besides being busy with the salon, I’ve been trying to learn a new routine to keep the household running. That is a little bit more difficult!

One thing that I have been trying to find time for is “ME-TIME.” Do you guys take time out of your day or week to have a little bit of time for yourself? That could be reading, going for a walk, or even as simple as making your favorite tea and doing nothing while drinking it. For me, I really enjoy pampering myself with a nice body scrub or my favorite masker!

With that said, let’s jump into my favorite haircare product of 2020!

Schwarzkopf Professional Fibre Clinix is my FAVORITE PRODUCT OF 2020!

**I was not paid to write this. This is based on my own personal experience and the experience from my clients. **

My Hair Type: Straight, fine and thin. Thinner in the front of the head and normal thickness in the back.

My Hair Condition: Healthy but tends to frizz.

My Hair Length: Just below the shoulder.

Animal Testing: Unfortunately, I was unable to find a good credible source. I would much rather say nothing at all than to take a chance at being incorrect.

Vegan Friendly: The same goes for this as well. However, I know that they have a new line called Essensity and I do know that it is 100% natural.

Why is the Fibre Clinix in-salon service so cool? It is a customized masking service based on the needs of you and your hair. Your hairdresser is able to mix and match! For example, you have flat and dry hair. Your hairdresser can put a couple drops of the Volumize Booster and a couple drops of Hydrate Booster into your mask. The results last up to 60 days and makes your hair 10 times stronger!

Packaging Impression: The packaging is really sleek and durable. It has a unique black hexagon theme to symbolize haircells. The new colors of the boosters are pastels and are a classy clean look.

First Impression: When I am first introduced to a new product, I am always sceptical until I use it myself and hear from others. So, really my first impression after seeing it was “wow! pretty!” but my thoughts on the product itself before using it was “yeah, right! prove it!”

Fibre Clinix Tri-Bond Shampoo: It cleans the hair while balancing the pH levels of the hair to prepare the hair for the application of the mask with the boosters. Use of the shampoo is important because without it, the hair is not ready to absorb the mask mixture.

Product: It is a milky type color with a mild refreshing smell. It is a little thicker to ensure that when it’s massaged into a wet head of hair, it coats every strand. This ensures that it is able to clean and prepare each strand for the mask.

Fibre Clinix Tri-Bond Mask: This is a mask that connects the inner haircells to make the hair have better resistance and strength. It seals the outer structure from the hair for better manageability and shine. This is offered in two different types, for fine hair and for stiff/course hair.

*To get the full benefit from the mask, a booster or boosters need to be added.

Product: When touching this mask, the texture reminds me of many other in-salon masks. If you buy a mask in the store, it’s normally a little runny. But the masks within a salon are thick and stiffer. The smell is about the same as the shampoo, mildly refreshing.

Fibre Clinix In-Salon Boosters: There are 5 different boosters that you can use: Fortify, Volumize, Hydrate, Tame, & Vibrancy.

  • Fortify: Strengthens and gives nourishment to damaged, over-processed hair to increase flexbility and shine.
  • Volumize: Improves the elasticity and stimulates fullness for more stability and shine.
  • Hydrate: Adds hydration to dry and breakable hair to increase the elasticity and shine.
  • Tame: Makes thick, unmanageable, and frizzy hair softers and easier to handle for intense shine.
  • Vibrancy: Helps seal in the color pigment to prevent the color from washing off while adding shine.

Product: This product is the same color as the pastel packaging. There is a very slight smell but really it’s unnoticeable. It is smooth in texture and easily blendable with the mask.

My Thoughts: I am crazy about this product. I never had a complaint about it or a client that was not satisfied. I use this product myself and notice a big difference in my hair when I don’t keep up with it every 60 days.

*Did you know that they have Schwarzkopf in drugstores and other markets but the GOOD STUFF that is the newer lines with the better and more valuable ingredients are located only in the salons? How would you know that? The difference lays under the logo!

Picture from Henkel. This can be found in any drugstore or other stores.
Picture from Schwarzkopf. This can ONLY be found in salons. These are newer with better ingredients.

Have you seen Fibre Clinix before? Have you had the chance of using it in your salon?

What was the one thing that really impressed your about Fibre Clinix?

I hope you enjoyed reading and learning about this in-salon service! I am in love with it and that is the reason why I have it in my salon.

I refuse to have something in my salon or sell a product in my salon that I don’t believe in. With all of my salon products, I have either used it myself or have had clients tell me their satisfaction of it.

Have a great week!


Christine XOXO

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