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How is everyone doing? Are you slowly getting back to normality, besides the face masks and gloves?

They finally started opening the restaurants back up with limitations. I am really happy about that because I am sick and tired of needing to cooking EVERYDAY. It’s one thing to have a choice of going out to eat but you choose to make your dinner. But it’s another thing to make your dinner at home because you have no choice. Do you know what I mean?

We have had it a little bit difficult lately. My husband’s grandmother died and just a few days later his colleague passed away unexpectedly. Then, we have a delay in our plans! Our plans were to build a loft-style apartment for ourselves in the attic of my husband’s apartment building and to build a salon downstairs. Well, the tenant doesn’t want to move out and he’s had over 14 months of notice. So, we are currently dealing with the justice system to see what is possible.


Enough about my complicated situation! Let’s just into this review!!

**I was not paid to do this review and I purchased this product.**

My Hair Type: Straight, fine and thin. Thinner in the front of the head and normal thickness in the back.

My Hair Condition: Semi-dry and tends to frizz.

My Hair Length: Shoulder length.

Quick facts about the Brand:

  • It was found in 1987 by Eva Graham after her own personal experience of losing hair for no apparent reason.
  • It was the first cleansing system for your hair that focused on the health of the scalp which resulted in healthy hair.
  • In 1995, a new technology was created to provide time-released care to the scalp and hair.
  • In 2017 NIOXIN was awarded the Stylist Choice Awards for Fine/Thinning Hairline.
From Nioxin


Animal Testing: As of right now, this brand is not certified as cruelty free from PETA (an organization named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Vegan Friendly: I was not able to find any information on this topic.

Shampoo Review:

Product: This was lightweight in density and translucent in color. Does not foam easily. The smell was not very welcoming like other shampoos; however, this is more of a pharmaceutical product and most of those products are not pleasing to the nose.

Conditioner Review:

Product: This was extremely lightweight in density unlike most conditioners. But unlike other conditioners, it is meant to be applied to your scalp in addition to your lengths. This could be the reason why it is so lightweight. The color is white. The smell is a menthol.

Scalp & Hair Treatment:

Product: This light liquid is sprayed onto the scalp before drying and massaged in. There is no apparent color or smell.

Packaging: There is no tra-la-la with the packaging. I believe they want their image to look pharmaceutical like the smell of their products.

Thickening Spray:

Product: This is a light liquid that gets sprayed onto the lengths of your hair and combed in. This is not intended for the scalp. There is no apparent color or smell.

On Amazon

Price: I bought mine as a kit and the thickening spray was seperate. The price for the shampoo, conditioner, and scalp & hair treatment kit is +/- $45. The thickening spray is +/- $15.30.

Targetted Buyers: This is for anyone who has any type of hairloss whether it is long-term or short-term. This is also for people of all ages.

From Nioxin.

Ease of Use: Like most shampoos and conditioners, it has a push open top and you squeeze it out. The Scalp Treatment and Thickening Spray were both pump spray tops.

Potential Problems: There are no potential problems as the liquids inside are all fluid enough that it is really easy to dispense.

Active Ingredient: Ensulizole is the main active ingredient. This is a type of sunscreen which coats the skin in order to provide a better surface to produce more hair. Sulisobenzone is the second main active ingredient. This is also a type of sunscreen. The rest of the ingredients include vitamins and many others including glycoproteins. Glycoproteins signal cells for growth and division.

Alternatives: As of to date, I have not been able to find any other system that provides that same service.

Claims: It removes all residue for the environment, fatty acids, and greasy oils. It restores and controls moisture balance. Refreshes the scalp. Helps provide hair resilience. Give denser-looking hair.

Fullfilled Claims: When it cleaned my hair, it cleaned it very well and I really badly needed the conditioner. After applying the conditioner and letting it work in for 3 minutes, my scalp was really refreshed from a menthol feeling. (It would be really nice on a hot day!) It gave my hair a denser look.

Failed Claims: It did not restore and control the moisture in my hair. My hair was left dry and dull after using the whole system for 2 weeks.

I went from having the healthy hair that you have as a kid, to completely destroying it and frying it, and then actually having really healthy thick hair that I was proud of again. I just put an emphasis on what shampoo and conditioner I used.

– Blake Lively

My Take-Home Thoughts:

I can see how this would be really good for some people who really don’t have much hair; however, it was not good for me. I have enough hair in the back and not alot in the front. I thought that it would help with my frontal issues but I was wrong. My shine was gone and it was difficult to comb through.

I still use the thickening spray to help hold my style in place. It works as a type of hairspray (but I spray it on towel-dry hair) when dry.

I would not buy the systems anymore but I would use the thickening spray. As a matter of fact, I have two in my cabinet!

As you have read, I’m not a huge fan of Nioxin. But I am glad that I tried it because I found a really good alternative to a hairspray! I don’t like hairspray or mousse but I do like to keep my curls for more than a few hours.

Have you guys tried this before or have you heard of it?

I hope you liked it!


Christine XOXO

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2 thoughts on “Review: Nioxin Hair Care System for Thinning Hair

  1. It’s a shame that this didn’t work out well – I feel like more innovation on hair loss products for women are really needed in the industry.

    Also, the brand is sadly not Cruelty-Free! PETA will provide certifications to anyone that just applies and says they won’t test on animals, but does not check whether the brands are compliant. Cruelty-Free International & Leaping Bunny certifications carry more weight!

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