Hello everyone!

If you are not already able to leave your house and enjoy normal life, you soon will be able to. For me, I will be loving my comfy house clothes until the middle of May. This is a time period that will be written in the history books, I believe.

I’ve heard many things as far as how the world will never be the same after quarantine. But really, when does the world ever stay the same? The world is constantly changing but most don’t even realize it because they are too busy or just don’t think of it.

So, how does that relate to fashion?

Some questions that you might have are: Did fashion trends change during quarantine? Does the fashion industry pause while the world is a freeze frame? What should we be expecting to see when we open our doors to freedom?

Yes! No! Read further to find out!

I was looking at some photos from NY Fashion Week and there are several new trends that will be seen but I have a couple that are my favorites. These, I will be showing you.


Some of the other fashion trends that I didn’t care for were anything with metallic leather, a large trench coat called “The New Trench”, and low waisted baggy pants called “Low-Slung Tailoring.”

You can look these trends up if you’d like:

So, let’s go through my 6 favorite fashion trends from NY Fashion Week!

1. Wrapped Ankles

This is a weakness of mine. Forget chocolate! SHOES with wrapped ankles. I would love if they figured out how to work this into a sneaker! But I’ll settle for these beauties.

2. Drawstrings

What do drawstrings remind you of? When I think of them, I think of comfy clothes. But you also have a wide variety of clothes with drawstrings that I just don’t think of!

3. Puffed Sleeves

Remember back in the day (if you are born more than 30 years ago) the puffy sleeves were sort of popular with dresses? So, “sort-of” popular that my mom made me those puffy sleeves dresses and then forced me to wear them to school! Well, now they are back in a powerful and very different way! They are not just on dresses.

4. Bra Accentuation

I actually have seen this a tiny bit already but I’m really liking it. Remember when wearing anything a little see through was taboo? Well, now it is a thing. With a cute bralette and some high-waisted jeans, heels or sneakers and a blazer, this could be really classy. (PS. The second photo is my favorite!)

5. Sheer Layers

I really like this as well. Maybe it’s because when I was younger I always was so modest and shy (almost ashamed) of my own body. When I was younger, I never felt confident enough to wear anything on trend because I was a heavy teenager. Now, I am loving my body and want to show off, in a decent way, what I was born with.

6. Torso Ruching

This style has always been a favorite of mine from very young. When I was heavier, I always wore something with ruching in the torso because it gave me extra room and camouflaged the fact that my stomach wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

As always, what was seen on the runway is really drastic and is show worthy. But these were the common trends across all of them and I picked out pictures to best meet the trends. Anyways, I’m looking forward to wearing these trends!!!

Which of these trends are your favorites? My ultimate favorite has to be the shoes. I’m a sucker for them.


Which ones do you have already in your closet? Right now, I have (probably every woman) the drawstring trend down. But only with sweatpants. Haha!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Christine Xoxo

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2 thoughts on “Summer 2020 Trends

  1. ah its so hard to pick a favorite – I’m loving the wrapped ankles, draw strings and bralette accentuation!! I will avoid the torso ruching at all costs though – I don’t think that would be flattering on me lol!


    1. With a certain kind of torso ruching, you are certainly right. But those loose dresses where a seam is right under the breasts and then the ruching starts is a good way to hide things. 🙂 Like that dress in the second picture under ruching.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!! XXX


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