Fashion Friday: Is wrinkle free truly wrinkle free?

Hey everyone!

I hope your Friday is going well and that you are already home! If not, I hope soon! Then, you can start your weekend!!!

For me, it is the sare story. Painting, painting, painting. My daughter made fun of me and said that I dream of painting and say in my sleep, “I need to paint the walls now.” Which is not true, but she has to have something to say, right? Hahaha!

Jumping in….

So, I love me some cotton and prefer to wear them over any other type of clothing because it’s comfortable and I don’t sweat in them. Lots of polyester and nylon in my clothing are disasterous for my armpits! Sorry, next!

My biggest problem with cotton is that it wrinkles so quickly! If I sit, I have wrinkles on the back of my shirt or the back of my dress/skirt. Grrrr! That’s so frustrating! I get wrinkles in my car on the way to the place that I got dressed for!

CONFESSION: If I don’t have to get dressed, you will find me still in my pajamas in the afternoon.

But why haven’t I thought of investing more money into wrinkle free clothing? I have thought about it and nope.

First, I want to give you a little history of wrinkle free. Trust me, it’s interesting!

Wrinkle Free Creation

Scientists attempted to make wrinkle free clothing for quite some time. But all of these clothing were extremely fragile and brittle. The clothing would rip if you even sat down.

Then, years later one FEMALE, named Ruth Benerito, created a chemical formula to add to cotton. Woot, woot! I takes a woman to get the job done! Sorry, men… but it’s the truth in this situation.

Wrinkle Free VS Wrinkle Resistant

Wrinkle Free is where they give the item a bath in a certain type of textile resin. It is a shirt or a pair of pants that you don’t need to iron. You can take your shirt out of the dryer and wear it. But as the shirt is worn, throughout the day, you will notice a little bit wrinkles from the dryer.

Wrinkle Resistant is treated with (…gulp…) formaldehyde, the same stuff that they use for cadaver. But now, fortunately, alot of these wrinkle resistant items have polyester or nylon in it which is naturally wrinkle resistant. Wrinkle resistant means that your shirt or a pair of pants that you ironed will still look just as good at the end of the day as when you ironed it.


“Wrinkle Free” truly is not wrinkle free because by the end of the day, you will have some wrinkles. You still need to iron it!

My thought is, as much as I hate doing it, you need to iron your clothes. However, you could be like my mother and never iron her clothes! If she is shopping and she sees on the tag that you need to iron it, she doesn’t buy it. Crazy woman! But I need to be honest, I never used to iron my clothes until I moved to Belgium. I started because hunkie really liked his clothes ironed and, I admit, it does look much better!

What are your thoughts on ironing clothes? Was it created by the devil? Or do you really enjoy ironing? I have a friend who enjoys is and uses it as her relaxation moment.


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