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Skin Care: Why should I be taking care of my face twice daily?

Hey everyone!

It is Wednesday! The day in the middle of the work week where we start thinking about what our plans will be for the weekend or start to get excited for what we already have planned for the weekend.

But what about our daily plans? Do your daily plans include taking care of yourself? What about your face?

I’m going to make it short and sweet! Enough to read while drinking coffee before work, while you are on work break, or in the bathroom. Anyone else do that too?! Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Late last week, I did a poll on all of my social media platforms and the results were surprising.

The Question.

Do you religiously wash and lotion your face two times daily?

The Results.

Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there is about 32.5% of people that do not wash and lotion their face twice daily.

My Thoughts.

I am actually surprised. I thought it was going to be worse than what it was.

I mean, it’s definetly isn’t good but I understand it! Sometimes you get home late and you just want to crawl into bed. Sometimes you wake up in enough time to brush your teeth, throw up your hair, and put on some clothes and go. I get it.

However, there is always room for improvement and I have always believed that improvement only can happen after someone realizes it and changes. How does change occur? From education. So, I will help you with that. 🙂

MYTH: I have clear skin. I don’t need to worry about it as much.

Yes, you do need to worry about it. What you do for your skin daily now, will result in how you look in 10 years. Washing and lotioning your face twice daily is not a fountain of youth secret but it will make a difference in your wrinkles and skin tone.

I have been washing and lotioning my face twice daily since I was about 17 and, now, I am 35 but people think I’m in my twenties. (Please don’t stop!!)

Reasons to Wash Your Face in The Morning

  • Washes off all of the oils and dead skin cells that were produced in the middle of the night or collected from your pillow case.
  • If not washed:
    • Those skin cells sit on your skin.
    • It collects into your pores and causes enlarged pores.
    • Not only enlarges pores, but black heads and acne.
    • It causes makeup to look clumpy and uneven. What can also help is exfoliating.
    • Causes uneven skin tone.

DID YOU MISS THIS? I Need To Scrub What? And WHY?!

Reasons to Wash Your Face at Night

  • Washes off all of the oils and dead skin cells that were produced during the day.
  • Washes off any makeup.
  • Washes away any free redicals (dirty junk) flying in the air that finds a resting place on your skin. For example, you are walking on the sidewalk and a car goes by. You feel the wind of the car but you don’t see anything. But trust me, dust from the road, car exhaust, brake dust, whatever is flying throughout the air and when that car goes by you, expect it to lay on your face. That is just one example, but this happens all throughout the day even while you are indoors.
  • If not washed:
    • All of the makeup that you put on your face and the junk that landed on your face from throughout the day gets crammed and pushed into your pores as your sleep.
    • Say goodbye to even skin tone.
    • Say hello to breakouts and blackheads.

Reasons to Lotion Your Face Twice Daily

  • The less good moisturizer that your face has, the more it will produce oils. I hear it so much…

“I don’t use lotion because my face it already so greasy.”

This is a backwards way of thinking. I understand why people think that way BUT lotion and oil are two different things. If you have a good face lotion, your face will not feel oily or greasy.

  • If you have dry skin and you don’t moisturize it, you are making tiny little dry cracks in your top skin cells and after many years of not moisturizing, you will notice wrinkles. Many things cause wrinkles, this is one of those things.
  • A good facial moisturizer has many benefits and can add certain things to your skin like antioxidants, sunscreen, anti-aging, etc. You just have to look to see what it offers.

Something To Think About

When you care for your children, you are taking care of them for today. But when you feed them good healthy food, do you think it’ll benefit them just today? Or will it benefit them in the future too? When you teach them a skill and you put in so much time and effort to do so, why are you doing it? To make sure that they have a good independent future. Why are you teaching them to brush their teeth? So that they have nice healthy teeth in the future.

Your effort, time, and energy that you put into your skin today will reflect how it is in the future. This is with everything in life. Make it a habit today for the future.

I hope you enjoyed this topic! This is something that is one of my pet peeves and I’m sure that my munchkins and my hunkie’s NSL munchkins can tell you about it. Wash your face and lotion it!

Love you guys!






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