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Monday Makeup Mash: Tips for everyone woman to slay their winged eyeliner.

Hey there everyone!

I don’t know if you noticed or not, but I didn’t post a Weekend Hash. I figured that I would post most of my weekend on Instagram or my Facebook page. If you don’t follow me on there, you are missing out!

So, let’s jump right into the goodies!

Perfect winged eyeliner is easier said than done. I tried for years to make great looking wings and, finally, at the age of 35 (almost 36), I figured it out. I have one lid that is nice and average size but then there is my left lid. It is different. I notice it in pictures and selfies that my left eye looks lazy. So, I needed to really figure out and play with wings for quite some time before they looked great. Most of the time, they looked “meh.”

When I first started playing with it, I kept trying to make my liner the same. But eventually, I looked like….

I wish that when I started I knew what I know now. Maybe then, I wouldn’t have left the house with black eyes. No… I really didn’t do that. I washed it off. But it was always so frustrating when you have something in your head that you want to do but can’t.


Here are the tips that I wish I had known and there are several of them:

1. Freehand Technique. This is the hardest out of all of them. But I choose this one over all of them only because I have practiced so much freehand that I am afraid of losing that skill. You know the saying – use it or lose it. That is true here.


  • Draw a small line at the outer corner on both eyes (See #1 in diagram). Make sure they are the same length. If not, you can make shorter with a Q-Tip and some makeup remover. You will need to touchup your eyeshadow.
  • Go 1/3 of a length towards the inside and draw a line from you lid to the end of the line. (See #2) You should have what looks like a sideways V. Do that on both eyes.
  • Now, if you have a lazy eye line mine, you need to finish one eye differently than the other.
    • Normal Eye: Draw a line from your inner corner to the outer corner making the line thinner near the inner corner. Smooth it out making it flow.
    • Lazy Eye: Draw a line in the same manner as a normal eye; however, it needs to be thinner.
    • See #4.
  • Fill in the V’s. Check to make sure they are the same. See #5.
  • Viola!

2. Tape Technique. This is probably one of the most easiest method available. But that is my opinion and one that I haven’t tried for myself. So, it actually might not be the easiest but it seems like it could be easy.


  • Picture an imaginary line that followed line of your eyebrow to your temple. Now, apply tape and put it from the outer point from you lower eye lid to your imaginary line. (See diagram.)
  • Follow steps from Freehand Technique.

3. Spoon Technique. Now, in my opinion, I think that this would be kind of difficult to master. I don’t know why but it just doesn’t look very handy.


  • Instead of tape, you use a spoon. (I just pictured me as a child trying to balance a spoon on my nose… that is my brain.)
  • Place the handle of the spoon and connect with that imaginary line (explained above).
  • Draw a line and do the same on the other eye. (See 1st picture in diagram).
  • Place the round part of the spoon over the eye and draw a line to connect the V. (See 2nd picture in diagram)
  • Do the same on the other eye.
  • Follow point 3 and 4 under the Freehand Technique.

4. Business Card Technique. This technique is basically the same exact thing as the spoon and the tape. I would recommend this one for beginners or if you have no time to practice your freehand. It just seems like you would have more control. And you could use the card also to make the top of the V. But there are two ways you can do this.

  • The easy way!

Expert Home Tips

  • The hard way. I think this is the harder way only because you actually need to cut a V and a nice one! Plus, who has time for this every time they make a wing? No me.

Now that you know all of the different methods to making the perfect type of eyeliner, you can play with all of them and find out which suits you better.

But what you should know is that each type of eyeliner is different and goes on differently. Some are more fluid than others (not recommended for beginners) and some are more like a felt tips pen. Some are like a thick paint (gel) that you need to add with a brush (not recommended for beginners) and some are like pencils. Some make a bolder darker color and some are more subtle.


If you are a beginning, my word of advice to you is to practice as much as you can. Know that it is normal for you to screw up. Don’t get frustrated. If you do get fluisterde, stop and try it tomorrow. Don’t give up. (My child mind says “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”)

If you are good at it, my word of advice it to just continue to do what you are doing. Maybe try a different technique, a different color, or a different type of liner. Switch it up every now and then and get frisky with it!

So, back to my Weekend Hash. Do you really enjoy reading them or is it something that you’d rather see on one of my social pages?

I hope you enjoyed this and. You start slaying your wings!



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