Monday Makeup Mash: Postponed.

Hey everyone!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!! I hope all is well with you and that you are going to bring in the New Year doing something that you absolutely enjoy. It can be hanging out wit your friends or it can be cuddling with your dog/cat watching Netflix and eating your favorite food. Whatever it is, enjoy it to the fullest!

Normally today, I would write something about makeup and the plan was to put together a new New Years Eve Makeup Look for you. BUT hunkie and I have been working on the house everyday since before Christmas. I wish that I had the time to put something together for your but, honestly, the house is more important. We have many goals that we want to accomplish this coming year (2019) and one of the them is selling the house. So, we are working on the house and getting it ready to sell.

There are many looks that would be good for New Years! Don’t forget to check out: Monday Makeup Mash: Holiday Makeup and the Reality of It

If you follow my Instagram or my Facebook Page, you will be seeing my New Years Eve Makeup Look and holiday outfit in the evening. Check it out!

We plan on going to hunkie’s parent’s house to ring in the New Year. Most of the time we have some gourmet and play some games. Then, I get tired and find a comfy chair and watch television while hunkie is still playing games. I’m such a whimp when it comes to staying up really late. I just can’t do it anymore. I used to stay up until 2am no problem! But now, I’m half dead on the couch at 9:30pm. Anyone else with me?

What are your plans for the celebration? Do you watch the ball drop? Or are you in a time zone like me where you can’t watch the ball drop in NYC until 6 hours later? Which most likely, everyone here is asleep.

But anyways, my apologies go out to you for not having a post about makeup but I’m sure you understand. All of you are lovely people and I appreciate you.



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