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Monday Makeup Mash: Holiday Makeup and the Reality of It

I absolutely love getting all fancied up for a special day, dinner, or event! I mean, I will spend quite some time in the mirror making sure it’s perfect. And it’s not because I am wearing alot. It’s because I love the process and seeing the result. The before and after. I take my time and really do it perfectly. I don’t rush.

Some of the makeup that is on Instagram or on other sources are absolutely beautiful. But I honestly can’t see myself wearing some of them.

Picture from Tiger Feng 2018 Christmas Makeup Looks
Picture from Indian Express.
Picture from Grazia.

All of these are absolutely beautiful and these ladies are very talented. But… I’m not wearing them anywhere. I mean, let’s be honest! Unless I was paid money, the reality is that I wouldn’t ever have these looks on.

But let me show you what I would wear! For holiday looks, especially Christmas and New Years, I love anything glitter so much. So much glitter that you look like the star at the top of the tree! Like a unicorn!!!

Hmm… the camera doesn’t really pick up the BAM glitter. But trust me, it’s there!

I wanted to make something with a red and gold for the holiday season. With this look, I used a red lipstick as a base on my lid and in my crease to make the color pop a little bit.

These are the products (besides the red lipstick -oops!) that I used:

  • MUA Makeup Academy Professional Palet in “Freak Out”
  • Urban Decay Moondust Palet in “Specter” and “Element”
  • Essence All About Nudes Palet (no name for the color)
  • I Heart Revolution Mermaid’s Heart Palet (no name for the color)
  • Mary Kay Eyeshadow in “Espresso”
  • I Heart Revolution Unicorn Lipstick in “Wildflower”
  • Essence Silk Touch Blush in “Babydoll” (RIP – She fell and broke…. 😦 )

Eye Look:

  1. Red lipstick goes on lid and crease.
  2. MUA’s “Freak Out” on the lid and crease.
  3. UD’s “Element” on the lid.
  4. Mermaid’s Heart’s no name color on your inner lid.
  5. Mary Kay’s “Espresso” in the crease.
  6. All About Nudes’s no name color to blend crease color.
  7. UD’s “Specter” on the inner corner and brow bone to highlight.

* I did not put on eye liner. But you absolutely can and I think a nice wing would be great with this. And why not add fake lashes?!

So, what types of looks do you prefer for the holidays? I tend to always lean towards glitter. I really like glitter and anything shiny. If I could be a unicorn, I would!


PS. Rest In Peace to the Essence Silk Touch Babydoll Blush. She was a good blush who never let me down. She was my most go-to blush ever. She always left me with peachy-pink touched cheeks and a nice glow. I will forever remember Babydoll. Go freely, Babydoll, to join the other blushes that died tragically from a fall. You will forever be missed.



I know… I’m a little crazy. But it makes life fun! 🙂


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