Weekend Hash: Painting, dying, and shopping!!

Hey there friends! I hope your weekend is going well and you have lot of good and fun things to talk about. If not, just think that it is only a moment in your day, your week, your month, your life. This will pass!

For me? Well, my weekend was good. Not wow but it was good. Friday evening was really laid back. I made a typical Belgian dish of Witloof met Kaas en Hesp, which means endive, cheese, and ham. It’s super yummy when served with fluffy mashed potatoes.

Click here for the recipe. This is the basic recipe. I like to add some brown sugar in the roll before it bakes for a nice sweetness to counteract the bitterness of the endive. Also, I have a TIP!

*TIP: When making it, don’t boil or steam the endive as they are already a watery vegetable. I like to sautè it a bit in a pan with some oil and water until tender. But cook the water out of the pan. Why? Because the extra water from the endive causes the cheese sauce to be a little watery. I don’t like that!

On Saturday, hunkie and I were just busy with painting the upstairs hallway. Trust me, I am not excited about this. One, because it makes a mess, and two, because I normally get stuck with the detailed work. Bahhh! I end up doing the trims or the edges because hunkie doesn’t have much of a steady hand. However, he surprised me! He ended up doing the trims and must be this time he was chill because there isn’t much to touch up!

As you can see, it’s not finished yet. Do you like the new color of beige in place of the grey? I’m a fan. It matches the tile much better. I mean, I get it why grey was chosen (not by me) because downstairs the tile is black and the whole house has grey framed windows.

What do you think? Never mind the mess!

On Sunday, I had class!!!!! I always am so happy to go. I love playing with the hair and learning new things about it. I am having a little bit of a hard time with the coloring though. It’s one thing to learn it in your native tongue. But I’m english and I’m learning it in Dutch! I can understand a good working amount of Dutch and I can speak it decently. But this is a challenge and one that I am willing to accept. Why? Because I am passionate about it.

I had to bring a model to dye their hair. I brought hunkie’s mother. She has gray hair and a natural strip of blonde almost yellow in the front. She doesn’t like the looks of the yellow and wanted her whole head gray. It was a simple dye job! But next week, we are doing foils and bayalage. That should be interesting!

After class, she and I went to a garden center, Thomas Tuin Centrum. She had to pick out a tree and some decorations for Christmas and I wanted to buy an ornament. Every year ever since hunkie and I have been together, I have bought one ornament for our tree and put the date on the back of it. I think it is a cute tradition!

Meet Jackie! This is our new ornament and I am super happy with him. I don’t know why I called him Jackie and actually I don’t even know why I gave him a name. But Jackie stuck. Lately, I have had a thing for owls. Probably next year it’ll be gingerbread men. Who knows! It makes the tree fun!

This was a tree that I saw in the store and it was just so pretty with the mirror behind it! I had to take a picture and share it. Their store is so beautifully decorated for Christmas that you could just keep walking and getting lost in the wonderland.

Later that evening, I didn’t feel like cooking so we ordered pizza. Nothing special but special enough that I had no dishes!! That is always a plus!

How was your weekend? What was the highlight of the weekend? As usual, my highlight was going to class. I just enjoy it so much. But I need to buckle down and find people to practice on hand study!!!! Any volunteers? 🙂

You have a great day and thank you for reading!!


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I am a woman who has continually searched for a job to be happy in while ignoring my passion. After years of searching and being disappointed, I waved the white flag and am now pursuing my passions - BEAUTY, FASHION, and FUN!

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