The virus is contagious, but so is LOVE.

Yay! Goodbye Lockdown #3! I’m back in the salon! I hope I can continue working for the rest of the year.

There are still rules we must follow to keep it safe. What are they?

  • Still make appointments.
  • Wear a face mask that is not made of material.
  • Next to the inside door, there is a machine to disinfect your hands. Please don’t forget to do that.

The rules that I need to follow are:

  • Disinfect/wash hands before each customer.
  • After each customer, disinfect everything touched (chair, sink, tools, counter).
  • Wear a surgical mouth mask.
  • I bought a CO2 meter to measure the air quality. If necessary, I will open the window(s) to ventilate.
  • I am not allowed to offer any beverages.

We are going to keep it safe TOGETHER!

Keep Your Crown StRaight!

Christine XOXO




I work with Schwarzkopf Professional and Dear Barber products. Schwarzkopf was created 120 years ago and remains a competitive company due to their constant innovations. Dear Barber is a new barber line from England that is gaining in popularity.

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i WOOF you!

Hi! My name is Stella!

I am very friendly but please ignore me. I probably will bark at you for a couple of minutes. But if you pay attention to me, I will keep barking because it’s ALOT of fun! ⠀

Also, I’m afraid of heights. So, please don’t try to pick me up. It takes me a long time to trust someone but if I see you enough, I might feel like cuddling you. ⠀

Oh yeah! If you would rather not have me in the same room, let mommy know. She will put me in the office where my bed is. Then I can sleep!⠀




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